Our rapidly rising prices could have created gaps in your home coverage.


We wanted to check in with you about your homeowners insurance and any insurance gaps you may have.


There’s no doubt that we’ve been in a hot real estate market. It’s been a seller’s market, and depending on where you’re at in Maine, home prices have increased almost 25% to 50%. This rapid price appreciation could have created gaps in your homeowners insurance. Most people get homeowners insurance when they buy their home at the value at the time they purchased the property and often don't revisit their policy.


I can’t speak to the details of your homeowners insurance policy because I’m not an expert or insurance agent, but I can speak to the value of your home. If you bought your house before this hot real estate market, you might want to reach out to us to get an updated home valuation so that you can have an educated conversation with your insurance agent. The online automated home valuations services don’t have a good grasp on Maine real estate market, our area, and they don’t know the details (like updates) of your home. They are a great place to start but not for an accurate valuation.


If you would find having an updated home valuation beneficial or if you have any real estate questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help.


And as always, remember to love where you dwell.