Here’s how our video showings make buying a home in Maine out of state easy.



Today I'm coming from Mill River Park which is part of Thomaston Village Trail to give you some quick advice about buying properties in Maine while you are out of state and when traveling is not reasonable.


Before this crazy seller's market, buyers would plan a trip to Maine to visit multiple homes that are on the market, explore the region for their ideal location, and often head back home with a property under contract. Today this process doesn’t always work. The Maine real estate market is so competitive that you could come here for a week, and not feel that you have viewed enough homes to make a good decision or find what you’re looking for. 


“We want to know everything we can about what you’re looking for so we can find the best homes for you.”



How do we work around this? Our best solution for our out-of-state buyers is to offer video showings. These video showings are different from the virtual tours that became popular during the pandemic. Rather than a live tour via a tool like FaceTime, our video showings are designed intentionally so that you can replay multiple times and share it with decision makers, family and friends. The big difference is that our videos are buyer focused and not marketing focused (After all we would represent you, the buyer!). Once you view the videos, we can then have a conversation and explore any questions you may have. If the home is a good fit based upon the videos and discussion then you can put an offer on the home.


However, before we even take the showing videos, we want to get to know you. What’s your lifestyle? What do you want in a home? What does your ideal Maine setting look like? We want to know everything we can about what you’re looking for so we can find the best homes for you. 


The only thing we ask is that you travel to Maine during the due diligence period for building or other inspections. This way, you can view the home in person and get to know the property with the inspector before closing day. Our clients find that coordinating travel during this inspection period is much easier than the reactionary travel required to visit Maine to see individual homes that hit the market.

Hopefully, this helped make buying a Maine home from out-of-state in a Seller's market more approachable and easier. If you have any questions about today’s topic, please give us a call at 207-706-6640 or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!