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Feb. 6, 2019

Median Sales Price vs. Average Sales Price

We have been asked: “Why do you put the median sales price on your just listed postcards and just sold postcards?” We hear that the majority of people like to use the term average. Average Sales Price doesn’t always accurately depict our real estate market areas.

Median Sales Price ...

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Jan. 25, 2019

Think you should sell your home For Sale By Owner: [Infographic]

Infographic For Sale By Owner

Some Highlights:

  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker or real estate agent.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, 36% of homeowners who decided to FSBO last year did so ...
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Nov. 26, 2018

Selling Your Home? Price it right up front!

Selling your home? Price it correctly up front.

In today’s market, where demand is outpacing supply in Midcoast Maine, pricing a house is one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals face. Sellers often want to price their home higher than recommended, and many agents go along with the idea to keep their clients happy. However, the best ...

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Oct. 28, 2018

The #1 Reason To Not Wait Until Spring To Sell Your House

Don't wait until spring to sell your Maine home

Many home sellers in Maine believe that spring is the best time to place their homes on the market because buyer demand traditionally increases at that time of year, but what they don’t realize is that if every homeowner believes the same thing, then that is when they will have ...

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March 18, 2018

How big of a chandelier do you need for a room?

Ever wonder how to calculate the size of your chandelier?  


Measure the length and width of your room then add those figures together. The sum of those two numbers is the approximate recommended diameter of your chandelier in inches.



12′-0″ + 20′-0″ = 32′-0″

Result ...

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Feb. 28, 2018

Infographic: Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

As a home ...

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Feb. 7, 2018

Radon: Testing the Air Quality in your home

Real Estate Home Inspection: Radon TestingWhether you own your own home or rent a house or apartment here in coastal Maine (or anywhere), you should be aware of the air quality in your living space.  Specifically, the presence of radon gas can be a health hazard.  Like most hazards in the home, radon ...

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June 25, 2017

Where Do Sellers Get the Listing Price for a House?


Question: "I have been looking at houses for sale in coastal Maine, and I see that most of them include a listing price for the property. How do the sellers come up with the listing price for a home, and is it always negotiable?"

Let me start with the ...

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May 1, 2017

Curb Appeal and Prepping your home for a quick sale

Do you plan to sell your home in the near future?

If so, you need to do everything you can to increase the likelihood of a quick sale. This is particularly true in a slower market that has plenty of homes but not enough demand. In such a market, you ...

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