Zoning works differently in rural areas, so get to know the area better.


Today we are up at the Appleton Preserve along this quiet little river to chat a little bit about zoning in our rural communities. If you’re coming from an urban environment, you might be used to how they do zoning in those areas: commercial properties grouped together and neighborhoods with homes of similar style and sizes. That’s not always the case in some of Maine's rural communities.


If you think about it, these communities were often built up around large farmhouses and tracks of land that likely had hundreds of acres. These were often divided up in a quasi piecemeal over the years and were not subject to any real zoning restrictions (so long as the lots were conforming). With a lack of more urban style standardized zoning (homes only with other homes and commercial properties alongside other commercial uses) people could therefore build different types and uses of structures within a relatively small geographic area.


If you’re buying in one of Maine's more rural areas, this means we really have to get to know the other properties surrounding the home you may be interested in because there is a chance that they may be a bit different then you may expect. We want to find out if the neighboring property(ies) usage and if the town zoning works for your needs. If you are not currently in Maine and want to purchase a home in a rural community then we may be able to help you better learn about abutters and a home's surroundings utilizing a video tour.


If you are thinking about buying rural or you have any other real estate questions, please give us a call or email us! We’d love to help you out.