Angela Griffin


Dwelling in Maine

I grew up in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. As a child, I spent most of my time outside playing in the woods, working in the garden, and looking after my family's poultry, rabbits, cats, and dogs. My mother was my teacher, and she fostered in me a love for learning and reading.

My job experience has been varied, and I have served the public with the Golden Rule always in mind.

In the past several years, my family (husband, daughter, son, and I) has decided to make changes, and one of those changes was to move to a totally different area. After pouring over real estate listings for several different states, for literally years, Maine won first place for the state to which my family wanted to move. So in 2019, we sold our mini farm, packed everything we could in a moving truck, and came to Maine.

Things I love about Maine:

  • Swimming, biking, and walking with my family, and running on the quiet back roads
  • The abundance of opportunities to see and observe wildlife that is new to me
  • The beauty of Maine in its distinctly different seasons